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Window Mannequins recruitment

Window Mannequins recruitment

WINDOW FRANCE is always looking for new recruits to enhance its teams in all lines of work in the shop mannequin industry.


Sales Agent

WINDOW FRANCE is looking for a display mannequins independant Sales Agent in the UK / Spain / Belgium / Canada / Denmark / Poland

Do you want to work with us? Please fill in our application form.


WINDOW FRANCE has sales offices all over the world. We are open to discuss working relationships with sales and administration professionals in this field in all countries where we are present and also for our head offices in Paris (75) and Carros (06) in France.

Our creative center in Carros France has several teams of professionals; workshop plasticians, sculptors or 2D and 3D graphists, feel free to contact us if you are a professional in these fields of work.

WINDOW France also welcomes new partnerships all over the world that can reinforce their global sales efforts. Please contact us today if you are interested in becoming part of the WINDOW FRANCE world-wide team.

Window Mannequins recruitment