WE CREATE... MANNEQUINS THAT COMMUNICATE YOUR BRAND DNA. 12 years of 3D scanning experience... All our mannequins are developed using our unique design centre THE DNA FACTORY, that unites revolutionary technology with the finest craftsmen and creative minds in each field.

a new generation of mannequins

WE INNOVATE... A NEW GENERATION OF MANNEQUIN... From haute couture to main stream fashion, brands are turning to THE MULTIRARI-OUS GENERATION... mannequins made to bridge the gap between lead-ing fashion brands and the modern day multi-cultural society


  • respecting the world that surrounds us

WE THINK AHEAD... One of our main preocupations is permanent innovation, and the field of substainability is no exception to the rule. We have all the solutions to your green preocupations for keeping the world a better place.

personal service, creactivity, creativity...

  • a creator at the helm...

WE PUT YOU FIRST... A MULTI-NATIONAL COMPANY WITH HUMAIN-SIZED SERVICE. French creator Jean Marc Mesguich founded WINDOW FRANCE 40 years ago and is still very much at the helm today with his hands on attitude and personal implication in the development of all your projects. Jean Marc accompanies his clients side by side to offer them his personal style of french creativity and technical excellence that he has sculpted over the years.

special projects

WE SEEK THE UNEXSPECTED... NEW SOLUTIONS FOR SEDUCING THE PUBLIC. WINDOW FRANCE is always searching for inspiration to bring new ideas to the retail front. Creating new solutions to attract your public. WINDOW FRANCE and 100 years old International fashion icon IRIS APFEL have just launched an exciting new collaboration to bring her persona to the public place using WINDOW FRANCE's 3D technology.

create your new look NOW

WE GIVE YOU CHOICE... OUR UNIQUE CAMELEON CONCEPT ALLOWS YOU TO CREATE MORE THAN 70 000 DIFFERENT LOOKS FROM REALISTIC TO ABSTRACT. Our patented Cameleon concept that is made up of removable faces, lips and eyes gives you thousands of creative possibilities, CREATE YOUR LOOK NOW WITH OUR ONLINE MAKE UP MIXER.

creative props

WE MAKE YOUR WINDOWS SHINE... WITH CREATIVE PROPS. WINDOW FRANCE also produces window props for leading fashions sotres around the world. Our 3D creation facility THE DNA FACTORY houses designers, 3D graphists, technicians and craftsmen, as well as the most advanced 3D printing and etching technology in the world today. The ideal place to create and develop your next window displays props, from sketches to prototype under the same roof.