The collection of accessories 62 SKETCH is made up of a large choice of interactive hands with cubes or arms of different heights. The collection is completed with a range of busts for jewelry as well as busts for ready to wear clothing, all inspired by the shapes and forms of mannequins of the collection 60 Sketch. These models have been designed for the presentation of jewelry, shoes, accessories and clothing. Each model can be used individually or accompanied by other models to make unique compositions. Certain models of the collection 62 SKETCH are equipped with removable magnets to help hold products in position when necessary. The collection 62 SKETCH is available from stock in matt black, but is also available to order in a wide variety of colours and textures such as paper mache finish, or a new innovative "rubber paint" finish that offers both a really deep matt black finish combined with a soft touch feel and anti-scratch qualities or more traditional finishes in high gloss or matt from a large palette of colours.